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About us

In a time where there is always too much to do yet too little time, very often we tend to overlook the important things in life. Rigid schedules and day to day chores smother our creativity and drains the energy required to live a fulfilling life.

Doing activities like riding a bicycle and spending time with loved ones helps us revive the simple pleasures of life. Through cycling, the family became closer, relationships blossom, friendship strengthens, muscles bulged, waistline narrowed, stamina levels surged and we even became happier!

I know because I am a parent who taught my kids to ride, a part of a family exploring new adventures together, a good friend discovering new makan landmarks with kakis, an athlete who constantly rediscovers new limits, and an individual doing my part to contribute to a greener earth.

At Bicycle Craft Co., we bring quality products to you so you can create magical memories with your loved ones.

Crafting happiness with simple instruments.


Adventures with the freedom of your own set of wheels.